“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” - Gestalt theory


Having worked professionally in the entertainment industry at the highest levels for the past thirty years, Paul has honed his communication skills which include, among others, the proper and most effective use of voice, body, energy, presentation, preparation and organization to a point where he has become a sought after teacher and coach both privately and at prestigious educational institutions such as Carnegie-Mellon, NYU Tisch and NYU Cap21. These skills have also enabled him to work in the corporate world where for many years he has worked with business professionals to enhance and refine these same tools that are the necessary foundation for effective, successful and sustained relationships.

For the past number of years he has partnered with Geraldine Kennon, CEO and founder of Kennon International, one of the most critically acclaimed and successful corporate communications experts in the country, some of whose clients include IBM, Xerox, Raytheon and Payden & Rygel Financial Management.